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Most people have some form of heating system in their home, be it radiators, storage heaters or underfloor heating to heat the spaces, an emersion heater to heat water, or a combi boiler which does both. Often a house or flat is heated inseveral ways, mainly using gas and electricity, or a coal fire or burner, with solar panels becoming more popular. Shared accommodation may have shared heating systems - but usually there's still a way to adjust how it works in your home individually.

For example, by turning your thermostat down by just one degree, you could cut your heating bills by up to 10%. Becoming smarter about using radiator thermostats will also help you control the amount you spend on heating your home. And thinking about how and where the heat is lost can mean both small as well as bigger possible changes to save energy and money.


We now use room thermostats and a timer for greater flexibility on our heating system. The timer comes on for a couple of hours in the morning and again at night and we use the flexibility of the system if we need it on during the day. We know we've saved money on fuel bills this year by doing this.

Vicky Tripp, Stockbridge, Knowsley


When it comes to heating, how efficient your home is your home is very dependent on how insulated it is. Insulating your home is worth consideration,and while it can cost quite a lot initially, there are government grants and loans to help with this cost, and you can save money in the long run. Have a look at the green deal, or call our Energy Savings Advice Line for more information.

You could get creative in how you tackle heat loss; make a sausage draft excluder with the children or grandchildren, or try your hand at filling the cracks between floorboards and skirting boards. Secondary glazing is inexpensive and all you need is an ordinary hairdryer!

Take a look at our Top Tips for more ideas on small and simple changes to heat your home more efficiently and keep it inside.

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