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Four Simple Changes

We recognise that theres no substitute for having a well insulated home and this means insulated lofts and walls and double glazing, amongst other measures. These are the best measure anyone can introduce to save money on energy bills and use less energy. Government schemes, such as the Green Deal, can help people make these bigger changes which make a huge difference to your energy bills.

We know that these schemes can appear complicated, can take time to organise and may not appeal to everyone. Our advice is to get the facts on whats out there to help you - call our Save Energy Advice Line on 0800 043 0151 and we'll help make sense of things with you.

But what we also believe is that everyone can save money through making small and simple changes to become more energy efficient in their home. We think there are changes you can make which will save your money by better use of heating in your home, using less power and water, and making your home more energy efficient generally. You'll see the symbols throughout the site when we offer advice to save you money in these areas:

Power Heat Water Home
Power Heat Water Home


And we want to help you do it, so read on for our Top Tips, Hotspots in your home to look out for, or take the Viridis Home Energy Savings Challenge to see what you could save.

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