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There are easy ways to reduce the power you use: make sure you switch off lights when you leave a room, switch appliances off at the plug rather than leaving on standby, keep fridges and freezers ¾ full.

When it comes to heating, electric heat sources are more expensive than gas or other fuels, so think about how you can reduce the amount you use for heating. Microwaves or slow cookers are more energy efficient than the oven for cooking.


We turn lights off - my partner was always saying "it's like Blackpool lights", but we don't leave things on stand by now either. Its really easy to do and we know it's saving us cash.

Vicky Tripp, Stockbridge, Knowsley


Energy monitors are becoming more popular and available too. These plug into your mains supply, or are wireless, and tell you how much you're using and when, allowing you to get a good idea of when you make the biggest demands on power in your home. It's about getting in the know about your household energy usage, and it can really help you change your habits. The monitors cost £20-£30 and it is estimated that they could help you cut your energy usage by up to 15% - worth a go!

We've got lots of Top Tips to help you save money by reducing the power you use in your home, or take the Viridis Home Energy Savings Challenge to look at the savings you could make if you introduce specific changes.

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