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How We Can Help Your Housing Association

An estimated 77,000 households across the Liverpool City Region are in fuel poverty and rising energy costs can have a severe impact on health and wellbeing. Housing Providers and Local Authorities in the Liverpool City Region are in the front line against both fuel poverty and CO2 emission. As a collective, VIRIDIS members are rolling our green technologies to those most in need and sharing know-how to achieve positive impacts.

Why join VIRIDIS?

Our region and communities face serious energy challenges, which will be with us for the next 15 to 20 years. We can choose either to work independently, each delivering limited impacts, or focus on cross-functional partnerships that deliver dramatic change.

We want VIRIDIS to include as many Housing Providers and complementary organisations as possible in the Liverpool City Region. Signing up your organisation as a member will enable you to harness our collective strengths and wide knowledge pool, and help to form our region’s energy future.

Membership benefits include:

Shared Vision

VIRIDIS is becoming established as the representative for home energy efficiency, CO2 emission and fuel poverty priorities in the Liverpool City Region. Our collective vision is working to reshape the energy mix across Merseyside and tackle fuel poverty in our communities.

A shared vision can effect powerful change. Together, we can make strong progress on many key energy issues. We are still in the early stages of delivery and there is much work still to do.

You can help us to shape our vision. You can benefit from the commitment of our members and contribute new ideas and innovations to the partnership.

Shared Knowledge & Innovations

VIRIDIS, via its extensive membership, offers industry-leading expertise on a wide selection of key energy and environmental issues. These range from effective resident engagement to the latest research on renewables, retrofit and community energy schemes, from housing best practice to tie-ins with the public sector and external agencies.

Find out what VIRIDIS members are doing to future-proof their residents’ homes and get the inside track on which innovations are delivering the most substantial cost savings.

All members can share this knowledge and take our findings back for their organisations to use.

Cost Saving Synergies

Partnership working across local authority boundaries and tenures is a proven way to deliver economies of scale and open opportunities that would be difficult for a Housing Provider to access alone.

Energy initiatives also benefit from a strong unified brand.  ‘Strength in numbers’ adds impetus to key projects, building awareness and lowering unit costs for retrofitting and new installations.  It also opens up UK and EU funding opportunities that may not be available to single members.

Consistent Message Exposure

Sign up to VIRIDIS and add your organisation’s name to our trusted and high profile communications tools. VIRIDIS distributes large numbers of promotional branded materials to our communities – to date, we have printed 100,000 leaflets, 5,000 posters, 10,000 energy saving calendars and 20,000 thermometers for vulnerable residents.

Whether it’s our website, our hand-outs or our presence at industry- or customer-facing events, VIRIDIS uses its collective strengths to spread consistent, strong and practical messages to your tenants.


VIRIDIS is funded solely by its members. Full members will be asked to commit to the partnership principles by signing the VIRIDIS Memorandum of Understanding.


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