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Unless your home was built very recently, chances are you can make some real improvements by insulating and keeping out drafts. Government grants and loans, such as the Green Deal, exist to help homes become more energy efficient, especially in becoming better insulated. We can help you find out about this through our Energy Savings Advice Line, but there are other simple ways to improve your home and save. Many of the easy changes you can make around the home are low or no cost, so have a look at our Top Tips or visit the Home Hotspots to see where you could save the cash in your home.


Switching energy suppliers can really make a dent in the bills you get – on average households can save £141 a year! And you may be eligible for Warm Home Discounts, which can help people pay their bills who might otherwise not spend on fuel. If you want help to switch and you live in Merseyside, our Energy Savings Advice Line can help you find out about this too.

Viridis supports the LCR Collective Switch – we help people in Merseyside Switch together - get in touch and see how we can help you at www.lcrenergyswitch.co.uk.

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