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The stuff that comes out of our taps is as precious as the power we use when it comes to energy efficiency. Homes across Merseyside use 2 million gallons daily. Thats like 530 baths every hour, all down the plughole.

Water is essential in our homes, and using less water is good for your pocket and the environment, but the way we use it is also important in becoming more energy efficient. Just small changes in how we use water in our homes can make a big dent in the amount you can save - just one dripping tap can waste a full bath of water every day, and cost you up to £50 a year - that's a saving worth having, just for sorting a tap out. 


I've just got a flush saver in my toilet – the water company sent it to me for free and it was easy to use, I just put it in the cistern. I can tell its using less water and I know I must have been wasting loads before. Hopefully it will mean my water bill is less and Ill save a bit of money - always a good thing!

Polly, Huyton


Although the planet is covered in oceans, only one per cent of water in the worldis actually drinkable.In our homes, about 24% of a household's heating bill is from heating the water - for showering, filling the kettle, using the washing machine and dishwasher.

So what else can be done? Theres loads of things that can help you save the cash by thinking about water usage. It might be as easy as turning the tap off when brushing your teeth (and teaching the kids to as well), making sure your washer is full before pressing go, or getting a water butt to collect rain water for cleaning your car or bike, or watering the plants.

We've got loads of tips about how to save water. And for those on a water meter – which everyone will have in the next few years - the savings can really add up.

So start saving now. Then you can sing in the rain about the savings you've made, and help the environment too.

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United Utilites have a water calculator if you won't to understand how much water you currently use – see it at http://www.unitedutilities.com/water-calculator.aspx

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